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Finger Extender

Finger Extender

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Introducing the Finger Extender, the perfect adjustable finger exerciser and hand strengthener for physical therapy and rehabilitation.

1. The Finger Extender provides six levels of resistance so you can control the intensity of your workout, from beginner to advanced.

2. Whether you’re an athlete or a musician, our top-of-the-line grip strength trainer kit will help you improve power and flexibility in your wrists, fingers, and forearms.

3. It’s also great for reducing stiffness and pain caused by arthritis , stroke rehab, carpal tunnel, tenosynovitis, fractured tendons or tendon surgery.

4. Give it as a gift to rock climbers, tennis players, guitarists, pianists and drummers; in no time they’ll notice improvements in their performance.

Get the highest quality grip strength refurbishment available with the Finger Extender!



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